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Sunday, 30 August 2015

Extra memory 3 : Reduce stress can boost your memory

stress reduction and relaxation link to nice extra memory

Do you know that stress can harm your memory?

Stress affect many brain function. Some stress within control maybe beneficial to keep you awake and awaring. Without controlling, It can make your mind preoccupied with worrying and negative emotions and so affect your ability to learning, recalling, and focusing, and so lower your awareness of surrounding things.

In addition, Stress also make your muscles get unconsiously tense, and drain more oxygens and energy from blood, leaving less energy and oxygens for the brain

Prolonged stress will increase extra ammount of Cortisol hormorne. Which make overall system get weaken and faster aging

People that have much stress and chronic stress will more likely to encounter complex health issues. Health studies show that chronic unhealthy stress linked to disease that bad for your memory like Alzheimer's disease, as well as Heart disease, Hormonal disorder, and Cells disorders

So how do you lower or control your stress?

Studies have shown that these ways can reduce your stress.

- Exercise often, 10-15 minutes every day, or 45 minutes 4-5 days a week
- Sleep enough, 6-8 hour for adult. Also try make your sleep a quality sleep.
- Take a nap between the day for 10-20 minutes if appropriate.
- Do relaxing activity. Walk in the grass, listen to plain music 15, yoga, medition, play with animals.

more informations on those the next post

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  1. Very nice article, hard life nowadays eliminates our memory !!! Have a good day.