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Monday, 7 September 2015

Extra Memory 4 : Socialize

get socialize and social activity and get sharp memory

Want healty memory? Socialize!! Get social!!

Study have show that socializing can improve the memory and also other
People with more socialized life are less likely to develop memory problems and also lesser emotional distress. Especially in late adult and elderly ages, socializing, along with other activities the sudy have shown that it have very important role in keeping your memory and other cognition fuction nice.

Socializing, regular contact with friends, peers, family, and other people can stimulate many part of your brain and thus, keep them strong. While socializing, your eyes have to watch for clues, your brain have to interpret a word, situation, your memory center will wake up and recall many things, your language center in your brain will choose each word from many, multi billions words in the list in your memory and put it into a sentense. Your mind will keep up to make interaction best beneficial.

There are many ways of socializing. With a friends, family, organizations, frequent events, sports, games, club. Always get some of these source that you can engaged in in each day.
Socializing with real people is usually more beneficial than socializing through devices (Telephone, facebooks, whatapps, and other chatting programs) which limit your brain perception and response and also have a pitfall of addicting(addicting isn't good for your brain).

More tips comin the next day

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  1. An interesting article and so true, socializing is healthy ... have a nice weekend !!! Thank you