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Monday, 10 August 2015

Step 1 : Plan Ahead

In order to make each day of you a great day, you need planning.

One or two nice day may come from random situation and circumstance, but if you want to have more than one day then you need a plan. You need a plan to make many good day

To plan ahead is to have what you will do on that day
To plan for making everyday a great day you must ask yourself ''What makes my life feel great"

Usually, we feel great if we accomplish a goal or go further toward that goal.
You must know what your goal for life is. If you have none, we will talk on this later.
You normally will have short term and long term goals.

You must plan each of your day what you want to accomplish in related to all those goals.

For example, one of your life goal is to be a good cook that can make all kind of multinational food.
Each of you day you must assign some activity that will move you toward that, like reading book about cooking, see video about cooking, trying new recipe, or doing some cooking to improve your skill.

If one of your life goal you want to make $500,000 money, you should spend a time of your day doing something that related to generating more money.

If you want to get good relationship, spend time each day to an activity that get you closer to that.

So each of your day will bring you closer toward your goal. Isn't that make your day great?

Now it is possible that you may get a lot of activities you should do. But if you know what you should do but you can't get it done, your day may not be much greater.
The thing you need is to prioritize.
We'll talk about this next day.

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