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Sunday, 23 August 2015

Extra memory 1 : Keep learning new things

Memory and brain improving by learn and study

Go to do activities! Activities keep your brain fresh!

Many people already have hobbies, which mean they already do things they love. It've been believed that doing hobbies can keep your brain works well. But many new evidences show us that, Doing things you do not familiar boost your brain better than things you already familar with.

Learning can help your brain running healthy!

If you do only biceps workout 4-5 days every week for 5 years without doing shoulder and legs workout, guess what happen? You get huge biceps with average or worst, tiny shoulder and legs. That doesn't good and doesn't look good too.

Like our body that need exercise in various parts, Brain need to exercise in various parts, how can you exercise your brain in various parts? You have to learn new things, or in other words, do activity that challange yourself.

So don't keep yourself in your familar activities and comfort zone, Get up and learn some new things! This doesn't mean you have to get out and do things you hate (but that may works well also). You may start doing things that you can do difference in your day (some people think 'I don't have a time'. You must know that nobody have time if they aren't willing to manage it. And it don't neccessary to have to get extra hour for this, just do things differently can also make it, look at the example).


You like action games, Try playing new strategy games!
You never play games? Try it!

You write Ballad poem, Try write Epic poem!

You never do business, find a way to start some business!

You never read about science, Try read basic science!

You don't quilt well? Learn it!

You cook bread? Try cook rice!

You don't grow a tree? Try some!

You don't take a picture? Try take a picture with anything once a day.

At first you may feel uncomfortable in some way. Like having a thinking "it's not my things". But as the brain 'get it' and start learning, You'll get more comfortable and feeling your comfort zone expanded. Studies show that people that leaning new things will get memory and other brain capabilities benefitbetter than those who do familar things and those who do nothing.

So, have you try something new this week?

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