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Sunday, 16 August 2015

Step 2 : Think Great (Think it extra)

Can we think great or thinking big, what is the extra secret?

This is about how to go extra mile each day part 2 : Think Great, or in other word, think it extra.

One's success must start within one's head.

Great result comes after great actions and most of action, whether great or not great, comes from thinking. If you want great result to happen more, you can begin easily by start to think great instead of think ordinary. As you starting to think great, you will starting to have greater plan, you will starting to have greater action.

How to Think great? Very Simple, Set extra good goals and Plan extra good result.

If you have $1200 salary and knowing that having extra of salary is good for you, think of $2000 salary.

If you are a so-so singer and knowing that get greater in career is good for you, think of be a famous singer.

If you don't drive and knowing that having something to drive is good for you, think of driving a car.

If you car isn't nice and knowing that having nice car is good for you, think of a nice car.

Think extra, and plan for extra

You may think, It is just ok for me to have just ordinary result and I'm happy, why think it extra? Well, in case that you have already planned good, use all of your potential, have a workable plan to reach your goal already(You should have some goal for your life), maybe you don't have to think any bigger. But if you "Just happy", with the result regardless of planning, your potential, and goals, Then you should check your goal that your goals is real. If you have your real goal you will be excited and achieving it would be very happy. If you don't feel that it is so happy to reach your goal faster or with better result,

If you think "I'm not that smart, skilled person enough to get that big goal". It is good for you to know that any skilled person you see isn't that sky high skilled from the date of birth, they decide to be great. They always go forward for extra of skill. and If you take a closer look at yourself, you can do that too in many aspect, isn't it?. Beside, It's not the high skilled or smartest one that achieve great things, but rather anyone that dare to think great and have enough persistance and planning.

So, let's think it extra, and get a extra mile. That's tips no. 2

We'll talk on tips 3 (Push your limit) the next post.

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