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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Extra memory 2 : Play brain games or activities

Play brain games and activity improve brain and memory.

Another way to boost your brain and memory is to play brain games or activities.

What's the difference between brain game and brain activity?

The difference is brain game is to play in computer or gadgets like smart phone or arcade box while brain activity is an activity that stimulate brain that you play in real life. In other words, brain games are virtual, activities are not virtual.

Both can stimulate your memory and brain functions.

Example of known brain games are Sudoku, Chess, Candy crush, Checkers, Dominoes, Crossword, or even a fighting games, shooting games, RPG games, Strategy games, or any other genere, If these games are play in virtual machine like smartphone, PCs, Tablets, they are considered brain games.
Brain games challange brain to learn new things, think faster, use some functions you may not often used.
However, the downside of brain games is, it is possible that you will addict to it or you may like to play just one genere of games and that keep you brain stimulate in only some parts. Some recent studies suggest that real-life activities is more beneficial for brain than playing just virtual games.

So what's brain activities.

Your brain consist of many many parts which works in difference functions, but today we'll not get too deep into that. I'll divide the brain into 3

Physical activities
-Sports or 'physical games' , Games(without computers) that require physical movement to accomplish will stimulate many parts of your brain. Remember brain is not only responsible about sitting and thinking, but also responsible for your body movement. When your brain control your body in sports to win or beat your competitors, It will do many many fuctions simutaneously(the good point is, unlike other brain workout, you won't get many headache from sport) and as your skill in games improve, so is your brain.
-Exercise, just exercise without winning or losing will not that stimulating to your brain but it improve your bloodflows and still stimulate motor fuctioning part of your brain. Exercise that make you change environment(non-stationary exercise) like running around the village or swimming in large pools will stimulate your brain more better than stationary one.

Non-physical activities
-Socializing, As you talking and dealing with people, your brain will be stimulated in many ways. Studies show that socialized person will less likely to have memory problems.
-Thinking games like Chess, Crosswords, Card games that play with real people in person, not through computers or smartphone. The point is that you interact with real person so your interaction are not limited to a computer
-Meditation. Meditation challange your brain in different way. In the session you will learn how to calm your brain and control your thinking. Studies show that proper meditation can improve focus, memory, and many other brain functions.
-Other healthy activity. Avoid unhealthy activity like taking drugs or alcohol or eating junk food or sitting for the TV for hours. Get some healthy activity like cooking, singing, read books, start small business, see new people or whatever activities you have. Beside of your work and daily chores, find some extra activity that is healthy to do.

More tips the next day!

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