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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Prioritizing make it extra Great

Extra time, extra money, comes from prioritizing

Knowing is good, prioritize make great.

Everyday you have 24 hr, and many of you have so much things you have to do.

If you can do all those things in just 24 hr of the day, it was very great, but in most cases that was impossible. You can't tell God to give you extra 25 hr either.

So what's the best thing you can do, when you just have 24 hr, to make everyday of your life great?

Thing that give your day extra goodness is planning your day.

After determining what activity make you get closer to your goals and value, as you already do in step 1 (If you dont read it yet and reading it, it is here) when combined with activities in your existing routine. You'll usually have a lot of activities to done.

Prioritize needs two variable. Level of Importance and Difficulty

1. Level of Importance comes from the question, "If I finish this activity(or goal related to this activity), how much impact it have in my life"

The stronger impact is, the more likely you should make this activity comes before other.
Maybe you rate this on scale 1-10

Any activity that have less importance must have to 'step back' for activity that are more importance. This does not mean you can't do entertaining and just for fun things, but you have to know that, In order to make a day greater, your day should create extra value to you and your goals. And most cases activity of just-for-fun don't help bringing you anywhere.

2. Difficulty comes from question, "How much do this activity require time/effort to complete"

This will give you insight of time required and where to arrange it in which time of a day. Heavy effort and time activity should be placed on when in a day that have enough available space (If you have none, you'll either divide it into smaller chunks or just adjust your existing routine to have extra available time)

That's all for prioritize, you need Level of Importance and Difficulty, After you prioritize each activity, you can enhance your planning more effectively

For the next day, we'll talk more about step 2

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