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Friday, 21 August 2015

Tips for improving memory (Extra Memory)

How to get extra memory, improve focus, and brain

Memory is essential for everyone to do daily activities, work, and other living things. There are many people believe that as one get older, the memory get duller. Or many people believe that memory is depending on the health condition. Whether or not this is true, people of all ages and most health conditions needs memory in doing living activities. As people get better at memory combined with other good skill, they can do each activity more efficiently (great memory alone may not make success but it's one of the factors). So today we'll talk about, How you could extra your memory or sharpening your memory with things that you can start doing today.

- Learn new skill

- Play brian games or activities

- Keep stress low

- Socialize

We'll get in detail with these things next day.

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