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Monday, 7 September 2015

Extra Memory 4 : Socialize

get socialize and social activity and get sharp memory

Want healty memory? Socialize!! Get social!!

Study have show that socializing can improve the memory and also other
People with more socialized life are less likely to develop memory problems and also lesser emotional distress. Especially in late adult and elderly ages, socializing, along with other activities the sudy have shown that it have very important role in keeping your memory and other cognition fuction nice.

Socializing, regular contact with friends, peers, family, and other people can stimulate many part of your brain and thus, keep them strong. While socializing, your eyes have to watch for clues, your brain have to interpret a word, situation, your memory center will wake up and recall many things, your language center in your brain will choose each word from many, multi billions words in the list in your memory and put it into a sentense. Your mind will keep up to make interaction best beneficial.

There are many ways of socializing. With a friends, family, organizations, frequent events, sports, games, club. Always get some of these source that you can engaged in in each day.
Socializing with real people is usually more beneficial than socializing through devices (Telephone, facebooks, whatapps, and other chatting programs) which limit your brain perception and response and also have a pitfall of addicting(addicting isn't good for your brain).

More tips comin the next day

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Extra memory 3 : Reduce stress can boost your memory

stress reduction and relaxation link to nice extra memory

Do you know that stress can harm your memory?

Stress affect many brain function. Some stress within control maybe beneficial to keep you awake and awaring. Without controlling, It can make your mind preoccupied with worrying and negative emotions and so affect your ability to learning, recalling, and focusing, and so lower your awareness of surrounding things.

In addition, Stress also make your muscles get unconsiously tense, and drain more oxygens and energy from blood, leaving less energy and oxygens for the brain

Prolonged stress will increase extra ammount of Cortisol hormorne. Which make overall system get weaken and faster aging

People that have much stress and chronic stress will more likely to encounter complex health issues. Health studies show that chronic unhealthy stress linked to disease that bad for your memory like Alzheimer's disease, as well as Heart disease, Hormonal disorder, and Cells disorders

So how do you lower or control your stress?

Studies have shown that these ways can reduce your stress.

- Exercise often, 10-15 minutes every day, or 45 minutes 4-5 days a week
- Sleep enough, 6-8 hour for adult. Also try make your sleep a quality sleep.
- Take a nap between the day for 10-20 minutes if appropriate.
- Do relaxing activity. Walk in the grass, listen to plain music 15, yoga, medition, play with animals.

more informations on those the next post

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Extra memory 2 : Play brain games or activities

Play brain games and activity improve brain and memory.

Another way to boost your brain and memory is to play brain games or activities.

What's the difference between brain game and brain activity?

The difference is brain game is to play in computer or gadgets like smart phone or arcade box while brain activity is an activity that stimulate brain that you play in real life. In other words, brain games are virtual, activities are not virtual.

Both can stimulate your memory and brain functions.

Example of known brain games are Sudoku, Chess, Candy crush, Checkers, Dominoes, Crossword, or even a fighting games, shooting games, RPG games, Strategy games, or any other genere, If these games are play in virtual machine like smartphone, PCs, Tablets, they are considered brain games.
Brain games challange brain to learn new things, think faster, use some functions you may not often used.
However, the downside of brain games is, it is possible that you will addict to it or you may like to play just one genere of games and that keep you brain stimulate in only some parts. Some recent studies suggest that real-life activities is more beneficial for brain than playing just virtual games.

So what's brain activities.

Your brain consist of many many parts which works in difference functions, but today we'll not get too deep into that. I'll divide the brain into 3

Physical activities
-Sports or 'physical games' , Games(without computers) that require physical movement to accomplish will stimulate many parts of your brain. Remember brain is not only responsible about sitting and thinking, but also responsible for your body movement. When your brain control your body in sports to win or beat your competitors, It will do many many fuctions simutaneously(the good point is, unlike other brain workout, you won't get many headache from sport) and as your skill in games improve, so is your brain.
-Exercise, just exercise without winning or losing will not that stimulating to your brain but it improve your bloodflows and still stimulate motor fuctioning part of your brain. Exercise that make you change environment(non-stationary exercise) like running around the village or swimming in large pools will stimulate your brain more better than stationary one.

Non-physical activities
-Socializing, As you talking and dealing with people, your brain will be stimulated in many ways. Studies show that socialized person will less likely to have memory problems.
-Thinking games like Chess, Crosswords, Card games that play with real people in person, not through computers or smartphone. The point is that you interact with real person so your interaction are not limited to a computer
-Meditation. Meditation challange your brain in different way. In the session you will learn how to calm your brain and control your thinking. Studies show that proper meditation can improve focus, memory, and many other brain functions.
-Other healthy activity. Avoid unhealthy activity like taking drugs or alcohol or eating junk food or sitting for the TV for hours. Get some healthy activity like cooking, singing, read books, start small business, see new people or whatever activities you have. Beside of your work and daily chores, find some extra activity that is healthy to do.

More tips the next day!

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Extra memory 1 : Keep learning new things

Memory and brain improving by learn and study

Go to do activities! Activities keep your brain fresh!

Many people already have hobbies, which mean they already do things they love. It've been believed that doing hobbies can keep your brain works well. But many new evidences show us that, Doing things you do not familiar boost your brain better than things you already familar with.

Learning can help your brain running healthy!

If you do only biceps workout 4-5 days every week for 5 years without doing shoulder and legs workout, guess what happen? You get huge biceps with average or worst, tiny shoulder and legs. That doesn't good and doesn't look good too.

Like our body that need exercise in various parts, Brain need to exercise in various parts, how can you exercise your brain in various parts? You have to learn new things, or in other words, do activity that challange yourself.

So don't keep yourself in your familar activities and comfort zone, Get up and learn some new things! This doesn't mean you have to get out and do things you hate (but that may works well also). You may start doing things that you can do difference in your day (some people think 'I don't have a time'. You must know that nobody have time if they aren't willing to manage it. And it don't neccessary to have to get extra hour for this, just do things differently can also make it, look at the example).


You like action games, Try playing new strategy games!
You never play games? Try it!

You write Ballad poem, Try write Epic poem!

You never do business, find a way to start some business!

You never read about science, Try read basic science!

You don't quilt well? Learn it!

You cook bread? Try cook rice!

You don't grow a tree? Try some!

You don't take a picture? Try take a picture with anything once a day.

At first you may feel uncomfortable in some way. Like having a thinking "it's not my things". But as the brain 'get it' and start learning, You'll get more comfortable and feeling your comfort zone expanded. Studies show that people that leaning new things will get memory and other brain capabilities benefitbetter than those who do familar things and those who do nothing.

So, have you try something new this week?

Friday, 21 August 2015

Tips for improving memory (Extra Memory)

How to get extra memory, improve focus, and brain

Memory is essential for everyone to do daily activities, work, and other living things. There are many people believe that as one get older, the memory get duller. Or many people believe that memory is depending on the health condition. Whether or not this is true, people of all ages and most health conditions needs memory in doing living activities. As people get better at memory combined with other good skill, they can do each activity more efficiently (great memory alone may not make success but it's one of the factors). So today we'll talk about, How you could extra your memory or sharpening your memory with things that you can start doing today.

- Learn new skill

- Play brian games or activities

- Keep stress low

- Socialize

We'll get in detail with these things next day.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Step 3 : Push your limit (Push yourself to extra!)

Today is on step 3 of How to go an extra mile each day. Pushing the limit.
Break limit and comfort zone, get world record.

Why pushing limit is important?

Humanity achieve growing greatness by pushing the limit. In the middle age we think flying is impossible. Until Wright brothers craft their airplane in 1900s. Now flight seem common all around the world. Before 1950s most people thinks reaching the top of the everest is impossible for human, but Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay did this. Today there are many people from all over the world reach the top of everest.

You may not need to build some planes, or go climb the moutain. But In order to go further (Extra mile) for anything in life, we.. have to PUSH OUR EXISTING LIMIT.

If you're in bodybuilding community you'll familar of the concept of "Train harder, Lift heavier" encouraging you to push yourself further and further, as you do that, your muscle grow bigger, you get increasing endurance, your body get toned. That concepts apply to every aspect of life. Whatever you push it further, it develops.

It's simple, You define your limit of which area you want to improve and attempt 'push' further, For example..

You can do 7kg. of biceps curl. You push it to 8kg.

You call 5 prospects or customer a day. You push it to 7 a day.

You make $5000 monthly. You push it $6000 month.

Want your house clean but don't want to clean your house. Do something!

You want to do a business in this area for long but don't do it yet. Do it!

You could do this in any area of your life.

Want more success in career? Think of what things you can do in each day to improve your career, Do those things it everyday. And soon you get extra career success.

Want more success in love? Think of what things you can do in each day to improve your love, Do those things it everyday. And soon you get extra love success.

Want more success in financial? Think of what things you can do in each day to improve your financial, Do those things it everyday. And soon you get extra financial success.

Want more success in enjoying yourself? Think of what things you can do in each day to improve your enjoying yourself, Do those things it everyday. And soon you get extra enjoying success.

Is that mean just go and do anything to make it? That way is works for some area but I don't recommend it since it usually cause more harm. Do you Remember? step 1 is planning. Take some knowledge and planning with everyday of you.

Let's recall all 3 step to go extra mile.
1. Plan ahead
2. Think great
3. Push your limit

That's how you can get extra mile each day.

More tips nextday.

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Step 2 : Think Great (Think it extra)

Can we think great or thinking big, what is the extra secret?

This is about how to go extra mile each day part 2 : Think Great, or in other word, think it extra.

One's success must start within one's head.

Great result comes after great actions and most of action, whether great or not great, comes from thinking. If you want great result to happen more, you can begin easily by start to think great instead of think ordinary. As you starting to think great, you will starting to have greater plan, you will starting to have greater action.

How to Think great? Very Simple, Set extra good goals and Plan extra good result.

If you have $1200 salary and knowing that having extra of salary is good for you, think of $2000 salary.

If you are a so-so singer and knowing that get greater in career is good for you, think of be a famous singer.

If you don't drive and knowing that having something to drive is good for you, think of driving a car.

If you car isn't nice and knowing that having nice car is good for you, think of a nice car.

Think extra, and plan for extra

You may think, It is just ok for me to have just ordinary result and I'm happy, why think it extra? Well, in case that you have already planned good, use all of your potential, have a workable plan to reach your goal already(You should have some goal for your life), maybe you don't have to think any bigger. But if you "Just happy", with the result regardless of planning, your potential, and goals, Then you should check your goal that your goals is real. If you have your real goal you will be excited and achieving it would be very happy. If you don't feel that it is so happy to reach your goal faster or with better result,

If you think "I'm not that smart, skilled person enough to get that big goal". It is good for you to know that any skilled person you see isn't that sky high skilled from the date of birth, they decide to be great. They always go forward for extra of skill. and If you take a closer look at yourself, you can do that too in many aspect, isn't it?. Beside, It's not the high skilled or smartest one that achieve great things, but rather anyone that dare to think great and have enough persistance and planning.

So, let's think it extra, and get a extra mile. That's tips no. 2

We'll talk on tips 3 (Push your limit) the next post.